I’m Sarah.  Witty, social, energetic.  I love laughing with my friends, yoga, house music, fashion and going on adventures with my two kick ass little girls.  So ya, that reads a little like an online dating profile.  Well, it is.  Cut me some slack!  My 2.5-year-old pissed all over the floor while I was making dinner tonight and I spent the afternoon with my 5-year- old at her grief counselling appointment.  Oh ya, and my husband is dead.  Forgive me, if I take some shortcuts.  Shortcuts and shitty days aside, I’m glad you are here.  Whether or not you are widowed.  Welcome.  I was widowed at the age of 41 in August 2016.  My husband passed away unexpectedly at the age of 36, leaving behind myself and our two young daughters, Brooklyn, age 5 and Piper, 2.  As my grief journey progressed, I began to find comfort in expressing my raw emotions, openly, honestly and with a slight (cough*alot*cough) amount of humour and fucks.  I had alot of feelings, and I spent a good amount of time eating those feelings.  I was gaining weight, and rather rapidly at that.  I realized I had a choice.  Either continue eating my feelings or write.  Here I am.  I hope you find something of value in my journey.  I know I’m finding it invaluable to share my journey.  And feedback on my online dating profile is also appreciated.  I should add to it….I’m Sarah, a bad ass widow warrior.